Berezhkovskaya Embankment

The Moskva River is a unique city vector, along which the majority of the city's sights, recreation areas, administrative and financial district and most attractive parts of the city are located. They all follow a particular chain of locations.

Berezhkovskaya Embankment is the missing link in this long chain, a white gap on the city map. The area is a prime site of real estate in the city, with enormous potential – it has every opportunity to become an attractive urban location comprising both residential and civic buildings.

The hidden potential of this area is that it is built into an already-existing transport infrastructure, including two kinds of train transport (the rail system and the metro), easy access to the Third Ring Road, and the presence of the River as a way to key into river transport systems.

A real advantage of this area is the opportunity to use its landscape potential. The low-level nature of the area's buildings allows us to make a visual trip around the viewpoints – a panorama which includes the Vorobyovy Gory and Lomonosov State University, the Setun River Valley, the Poklonnaya Gora and Victory Park, the Moscow-City international Business Center, the Luzhniki Olimpic Complex, Novodevichi Convent, the Government House of the Russian Federation and the towers of the Moscow Kremlin. Permission to create a planned building with heights up to 70 metres is offering great opportunities to capitilize on the unique position.

In accordance with the General Plan For The City of Moscow, this area comes into the category of multi-purpose public zones with a planned building capacity of 1100 thousand square metres.

The idea of the project is that the residential and public areas would be encompassed by a park, which would transform the area into a kind of island. A boulevard would run through the centre of the area, providing a central axis. 

The ground floors of the buildings along the boulevard will have social functions – cafes, shops, and galleries.

This use of this socially integrated approach is designed to emphasise the concept of the creation of a new urban centre of gravity.

In connection with this, the LIRAL company in association with the Russian Architects Union announced and carried out a closed competition in 2012 for the best planned presentation of a architectural and civic development of the area. The purpose of this competition was to identify the city development potential in building the area, and to identify the most successful planning approach to be followed, factoring in the parameters and functions of the buildings.


Item Units of Measurement Number
Planned overall storey floor-area of the construction sq m 900 000
Total area of residential building sq m 600 000
Social and service infrastructure locations sq m 58 000
Office and business complex sq m 242 000
Car parking cars 8 200


Admiral Makarov

The area and buildings which are under ownership rights are located in the Voikovsky Municipal District of the Northern Administrational District of the City of Moscow, at the street address of Admiral Makarov St.,  2. The nearest local metro station is to the south-west of the area: Voikovskaya. This station is approximately one kilometre away, or 10-15 minutes on foot.

Currently this real-estate property lot is an area of industrial and storage use properties with the worn-out infrastructure that fails to conform to the needs of a modern city.

The area totals 22.5 hectares, on which it is proposed to erect a multi-purpose development – a residential complex with homes of Comfort Category-1 with a balanced infrastructure, which includes green areas, a developed network of transport services, and social facilities.

The intensification of the usage of this area is connected with its unique location and place in the overall functional and planned structure of the city – along Leningradsky Highway, in a zone with two metro stations and a planned station on the new Moscow Outer Ring Rail Link – the transport hub of Voikovskaya (Glebovo).

It is planned to arrange clearly-delineated functional zoning on the basis of the following zones:

- Residential building zone;

- Non-residential zone, including social objects – a school, kindergartens, and a clinic;

- Multifunctional public center zone, which is a logical continuation of the urban transport hub Voikovskaya (Glebovo).

The residential development quarters are located along the adjacent streets and clustered around a vast public space, including the territory of the school and kindergartens, as well as the pedestrian zones.

The green areas of the complex will cover 32 % of the total area.

Whereas the central public space flows into the pedestrian boulevard that runs parallel to the Moscow Outer Ring Rail Link.

Along the boulevard the multifunctional public center will be located.

This public center will include a hotel, an apartment complex, offices, daily trading objects - to service the district residents and surrounding neighborhoods, and a parking area.

The Project also suggests arranging a green area along Admiral Makarov Street for the recreational use of the entire district population.

The overall composition of the complex is taking up the urban planning principles and the transport hub construction activities, which singles out and essentially distinguishes the complex from the other city periferal residential districts. 


Title Units of Measurement Number
Planned total floor area of the development site sq m 625,0
Total area of residential buildings sq m 510,3
Social infrastructure facilities sq m 44,3
Multifunctional complex sq m 13,64
Object within the transfer hub "Baltiyskaya" of the Moscow Central Circle sq m 20,0
Car parking cars 3 965