Worker's Club Building by architect Konstantin Melnikov

Liral's pilot project in the architectural and construction sector was the restoration of one of the most famous monuments of Constructivism in Moscow – the celebrated 'Tractor Building' by architect Konstantin Melnikov.
The building was erected in the 1920s as a worker's club, and is listed by UNESCO as an architectural monument.
After acquiring the Tractor Building, Liral was authorised not to limit itself to a simple restoration, but to completely renovate the building according to the original architect's blueprints and fulfil the architect's original intentions, which were never fully carried out during the Soviet period.
Specialists from the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Committee of Moscow gave their highest praise to the way the building was renovated. In this praise the exceptional role fulfilled by Liral was mentioned, for its organisational and financial participation at every stage. Currently the Tractor Building is used as banking premises.
Title Units of Measurement Number
Type of property Class A Office building
Overall floor area sq m 3047,3
Overall property area sq m 4409 (rental for 49 years)
Car parking cars 47
Office area / Banking area sq m 1644,7/1402,6


Renovation of Berezhkovskaya Embankment

At the present time this area is composed of buildings of different sizes, styles, and materials. In its own way it is a mini-city, which has appeared almost spontaneously.

It is suggested to create an autonomous complex which will feature all the facilities required by a modern city, including apartments, hotels, sports, and cultural facilities.

The keynote element of the infrastructure of this planned building will be a broad and green pedestrian avenue which will run through the entire complex. This central avenue will be both its logical and conceptual axis, on which all the main facilities of the complex will lie. The green aspect of this avenue will make up the distinctive image of the ecology of this zone.

The natural theme will be followed through in the interior courtyards, with winding footpaths leading through them, and gazebos located in cosy nooks.

The existing network of piping, which runs through the entire area on supports, will be put to use as pedestrian bridges, lighting and a navigation system throughout the complex.

At weekends, in the evenings, and on specially agreed days there will be opportunity to organise sports events within the complex.

Cars will be provided with circulatory system, which will have the minimum amount of interconnection with the pedestrian streets, and will enable access to any of the car parking areas provided within the complex.

Car-parking within the area of the complex will be divided into several different types:

- small car parking areas near the residential buildings;

- a main parking area at the northern perimeter of the complex;

- a multi-storey automated car-park in the zone where the majority of the office buildings are located;

Underlying trends in the implementation of this project:

An individually-planned project which uses anchoring solutions for landscaping the territory (placing small architectural forms which have been created within the overall concept of the project, groups of art-objects, and the creation of groups or stylised natural landscape complexes).

The creation of an overall system of external individualisation of the project – a system of navigation through the complex (entry groups and external elements of the information structure).

This kind of complex permits the creation of a site which is unique for the city, due to its huge area and large number of technological elements preserved within the area.

Title Units of Measurement Number
Overall office floorspace sq m 61 000
Total area of hotel floorspace sq m 7 885
Total area of residential floorspace sq m 13 970
Overall area of exhibition space, studios and co-working space sq m 6 844
Overall space of the retail building(s) sq m 12 948
Overall space of the cafe, bar and restaurant buildings sq m 6 311
Overall floorspace of the cinema complex sq m 11 800
Overall floorspace of the fitness and spa sq m 7 758
Overall floorspace of the storage facilities sq m 9 796
Overall area of the covered carting facility sq m 7 550
Overall area of the multi-storey car park metres 18 000
Car-parking space for cars 2 705