LLC Service-Plastic is a company founded in 1998, and is involved in the property management, of properties belonging to the IFC Liral company.

The activities of the company are focused on industrial properties located in Moscow at Berezhkovksya Embankment, 20, and at Admiral Makarov St., 2.

At present, Service-Plastic is renting out manufacturing and warehousing space and office buildings with a total floor area of more than 200,000 square metres. There are more than 500 firms renting this space, including both famous brands and start-up enterprises.

Service-Plastic  has earned a market reputation as a professional and reliable business partner.


LLC Liral Telecom was founded in 2005 for providing local telephone services, along with providing services for the set-up, repair and servicing of fire safety equipment..

The company provides its clients with a full range of digital and internet services, creates telephone subscriber numbers, offers city communications services, and provides connection to internal network, inter-city and international call networks.


LLC Yumex-Pro was founded in 2003 in order to provide effective repair and operation services in buildings, constructions and sites which are owned by companies owned by IFC Liral.

Currently Yumex-Pro provides vital continuous services for the functioning of two major business parks in Moscow, with a total floorspace area of more than 50 hectares, along with a series of properties belonging to Liral company in Moscow Region.

The company also provides prompt, high-quality repair and reconstruction work in rented premises, technical operations and the upkeep of network utility services for buildings and their adjacent territories.




LLC Liral-Okhrana (Liral-Guard) was primarily formed to provide security services to organisations working under the direction of the IFC Liral company. The team of Liral-Okhrana numbers over 200 professional staff, many of whom accumulated professional experience during their service in elite regiments of the Soviet and Russian armed forces.

LLC Liral Okhrana means:

- armed security supervision for buildings and territories, 24-hours per day;

- comprehensive checks on transport entering and leaving secure premises;

- control during the loading and unloading of goods;

- at the client's request, providing 24-hour guard on premises, including the use of the very latest equipment for electronic security of property;

- design, installing and operation of alarm and security systems, and video surveillance.