Investment-Finance Company LIRAL is long-established as a professional company in the market of the property management industry. The company's workforce comprises  professional specialists with immense experience of work in many different sectors involved in managing various kinds of sites and properties. Among the different services which our corporation can provide in property management are:

  1. 1Technical operations and service for buildings and engineering network
  2. 2Carrying out renovations and repair works
  3. 3IT services and communications services
  4. 4Professional security services
  1. 5Commercial management of properties
  2. 6Market development of properties and sites
  3. 7Attracting tenants and/or buyers
  4. 8Designing development concepts for sites and properties

Commercial management, rentals, lettings

Lettings and rental operations

The management of commercial properties is one of Liral's primary business activities. At present, Liral is involved in the letting of industrial, warehouse and office buildings and premises in Moscow, totalling an overall floorspace area of over 200,000 square metres.

With IFC Liral's professional management company, renovation and operational organisation, internet provider, and security services, clients can be certain of receiving the highest service standards.

Maintenance and Renovation

Company Yumex-Pro was founded in 2003 to provide maintenance and renovation works at buildings, facilities, sites, and infrastructure locations belonging to companies and firms which are part of IFC Liral company.

Currently company Yumex-Pro provides essential service and smooth running for two enormous industrial sites in Moscow, whose overall area exceeds 50 hectares – along with a further number of sites and locations which are the property of Liral company in Moscow Region.

The company similarly provides prompt, high-quality maintenance, repair and renovations services at rental sites, technical operations and servicing for engineering networks, buildings, facilities and their adjoining territory.