Social responsibility LIRAL: experience is always in fashion

Statistics show: because of the consequences of the demographic hole, more and more employers are interested in maintaining the number of working pensioners. About 10 million - one-fourth of the total number of Russians retired - continue to work after reaching retirement age. About how the LIRAL team appreciates workers of mature age - in an interview with the Director of Personnel of Larisa Ivanovna Ivanova to the newspaper Delovoy Peterburg.

"Today, in the LIRAL team, there are three generations of workers: the" old guard ", the" golden mean "and the youth," Larisa Ivanovna said. - "The Old Guard" - these are workers of mature age, who started their work at the Dorogomilovsk chemical plant. Among them are professionals of various specialties: representatives of working professions and engineers, personnel officers and accountants.

For many, first the plant, and then smoothly and LIRAL became the only place of work. The work record of one of our employees, for example, is 54 years. Can you imagine a representative of the generation "Y", who has worked in one place for so many years? Me not.

Each company with its own characteristics and specifics should understand the main age group of its employees. So, in the field of IT-technologies, taking into account the rapidity of changes in this direction, it is simply difficult to imagine workers of retirement age. Though, the main thing after all not age, and the person, its experience, qualification, ability to go with the times.

The value of workers of mature age is in the continuity of generations. Our "old guard" actually laid the foundations of the social responsibility of business, with which LIRAL is guided in its activities. They are an example of loyalty and stability for all employees of the company, broadcasting their values and experience.

I really like the phrase of Robert De Niro's character "Experience is always in fashion" from the film "Trainee" by Nancy Myers. Of course, a young professional with rich experience and high efficiency is the dream of any employer. However, this is very rare. And mature workers often combine in themselves a solid baggage of knowledge, and discretion, wisdom, and the ability to work a lot, qualitatively and conscientiously. They are more stable, more readable, they have, besides work, many values ​​that are very important in life. They just work as long as they can. And you can become a ballast in thirty, and thirty-five!

Representatives of the "old guard" LIRAL - punctual, disciplined, compulsory, intelligent - these are people responsible for their words and activities. They are happy to share experience, mentor.

I believe that retired workers are indispensable in areas where, in addition to fundamental education and experience, patience, friendliness, diligence, ability and desire to communicate: in education, medicine, consulting, in working professions are also required. For example, it is impossible to become a true turner or milling machine with "golden hands", as they say in the people, without an experienced mentor who will show such professional subtleties and moments that you can not read about in the textbook. Therefore, people who represent whole labor dynasties and who transfer experience and knowledge from grandfather to father and grandchildren still work in LIRAL. "