Pilot KRT: a new multifunctional residential complex from the group LIRAL will be located in one of the most prosperous districts of Moscow

According to statistics, answering the question about the most important criteria in choosing the future housing, the majority of respondents give priority to the location of the future house. With this assessment, the realtors fully agree.

In general, potential buyers of apartments try to adhere to their habitual area or nearby districts of the city. At the same time, if we are talking about changing the location, the main criteria are the infrastructure component, transport accessibility and environmental indicators. Obviously, a house located within walking distance from a public transport stop, work place, kindergarten, school, health center, sports complex, park or public garden, which, moreover, have magnificent views from the windows, is much more attractive than the house in sleeping area of ​​the urban outskirts, in an hour and a half ride in the stuffy traffic jams to any desired object. The location also determines the social atmosphere of the future environment, which can be indirectly judged, for example, by the rating of educational institutions located in the district. From the social atmosphere will also depend on the security of future owners of apartments, as well as the sanitary condition of the adjacent areas, entrances and elevators. In this case, most likely, the cost of an apartment that meets all the local criteria of potential buyers, will be higher. However, it is not a year or two to live in an apartment, so buyers who value comfort and safety do not save on their own well-being.

Taking into account the market situation, when designing new microdistricts, a conceptual approach is adopted that assumes a well-thought-out living space with comfortable local areas, recreation areas, social and commercial infrastructure, convenient transport interchanges. These principles are guided by the LIRAL group when developing the project for the planning of the territory of a new residential microdistrict, which in a few years will grow on the territory of the MCT No. 20 within the boundaries of the production zone No. 44 Bratsevo, at: Admiral Makarov, ow. 2.

The modern appearance of the district began to form in the thirties of the last century, when the Khimki reservoir, the first multi-storey residential buildings, factories and institutes appeared on its territory, and after mass war the mass housing and industrial construction began. Today, in the district, dilapidated housing stock and vast territories of former manufacturing enterprises are being reconstructed, social infrastructure facilities are being built. In the district there are general educational musical and sports schools, kindergartens, polyclinics.

The project of the layout of KRT No. 20, developed by the LIRAL group, involves the construction of a multifunctional residential complex with a developed social, cultural and residential infrastructure and transport infrastructure consisting of multi-apartment business class dwelling and comfort class and non-residential facilities. The type of development is quarterly, which meets the modern requirements of the town-planning policy of the city of Moscow. Particular attention in the design of LIRAL gives the future specific characteristics of apartments. From the windows there will be beautiful views of the Khimki Reservoir, the Northern River Station, the Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo Park.

In walking distance from the future residential area is the station "Voikovskaya" Zamoskvoretskaya line of the Moscow Metro, as well as the station "Baltic" and "Streshnevo" MCC. The main thoroughfares for linking the projected territory with the surrounding areas are: Admiral Makarov Street, Narva and Vyborg streets, and Leningrad Highway.