Pilot KRT: LIRAL Group is designing a modern residential micro-district of business and comfort class on the site of the former industrial zone

Within the framework of the renovation of the territory of the MCT No. 20 within the boundaries of Production Zone No. 44 Bratsevo, LIRAL Group plans to build 625,000 sq. M. m of new real estate. According to the Master Plan and the Rules of Land Use and Building of the City of Moscow on the site of this communal and warehouse area with a total area of 22.9 hectares in the Northern Administrative District at: Admiral Makarov, ow. 2, belonging to the group LIRAL on the property rights, there will be a new respectable quarter combining business and comfort class housing.

Modern Moscow new buildings of the categories "business" and "comfort" - a special type of housing, which has a good location and increased comfort. On the first place on the attractiveness of such housing is an affordable price, on the second - transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. In the immediate vicinity should be metro stations, shopping centers, supermarkets, fitness clubs, beauty salons, dry cleaners, restaurants, coffee shops. There should also be our own social and household infrastructure - schools, kindergartens, polyclinics, sports grounds, trade objects on the first non-residential floors of houses. A very important component of the quarter is a landscaped and landscaped area with playgrounds, sports and walking areas.

A distinctive feature of the houses of business and comfort class is that they are built on individual projects and have a well-known architectural appearance. For such a housing monolithic and monolithic-brick buildings are characteristic. In the new residential area, which the LIRAL group projects, some houses will be built according to business-class standards, and a part - according to comfort-class standards. Both "business" and "comfort" are characterized by the use of ventilated facade systems, high-quality finishing of common areas, and high-quality glazing. Nevertheless, "business", unlike "comfort", inherent in the design of public areas, entrances, elevators, increased glazing and a high level of sound insulation.

Both business class and comfort class are oriented mainly to families with children. The average area of apartments in the houses "comfort" is 65-75 square meters. m, and the ceiling height is 2.7-2.8 m, in the business segment the average area of apartments starts from 70 sq. m. m, and the ceiling height is not below 3 m.

In such residential complexes it is obligatory to organize an underground parking place at least one parking space per apartment. There must also be a guest parking lot on the local area.

These principles are guided by the LIRAL group when designing a new residential complex on the territory of the KRT No. 20, which will embody the characteristics of non-expensive, expensive but still affordable real estate. The location is far from noisy highways, the presence of a full-fledged infrastructure, high-quality and recognizable finishing of houses - all this will connect in a new microdistrict.