Pilot KRT: LIRAL plans to build social and household facilities in a new residential complex on the territory of the former industrial zone

Step by step the former Moscow industrial zones are transformed into modern comfortable residential areas. According to forecasts of the Department of Urban Development Policy of Moscow, in 2018-2019, the volume of real estate will amount to about 8.5 million square meters. m annually. One of the most promising industrial zones, subject to multifunctional public and residential development, is industrial zone No. 44 Bratsevo.

The Moscow City Land Use and Development Rules (PZZ), approved by the Moscow Government Resolution No. 120-PP dated March 28, 2017, provide for the placement of multi-apartment houses up to 90 meters high on LIRAL land plots within the boundaries of the KTR No. 20 territorial zone.

For this territory, the PHRs establish the minimum permissible levels of security for future residents of social infrastructure objects: schools - at least 124 places per 1000 inhabitants, kindergartens - at least 54 places per 1000 inhabitants, polyclinics - at least 17.6 visits per shift per 1000 of the inhabitants. These indicators the LIRAL group is obliged to ensure when designing the design of the layout. For this purpose, a school for 1600 places, a kindergarten with a total capacity of 700 seats and a polyclinic at the rate of 225 visits per shift are planned to be included in MCT No. 20.

In addition to social facilities, the multifunctional complex is included in the structure of the building, where the premises will be used primarily for the placement of shops "walking distance" with goods of daily demand: food, household goods (haberdashery), medicines.

On the first non-residential floors, it is planned to allocate premises for household services: laundries, dry-cleaners, hairdressers, photo salons and ateliers, shoe repair shops and household appliances.

On the school grounds are designed sports grounds for volleyball, basketball, as well as a football field with a modern artificial coating. All courtyard spaces of residential houses will include children's and sports grounds, in non-residential premises of residential buildings will be provided training and sports halls, fitness clubs.

The design solution involves placing in the central part of the micro district a vast public space - a pedestrian zone, which will extend from residential buildings to a multifunctional complex and then to TPU "Baltiyskaya".