Pilot KRT: LIRAL Group is developing a project for the planning of the territory within the boundaries of the Bratsevo industrial zone

In accordance with the decree of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of the city of Moscow from 16.03.2018, the LIRAL group is developing a draft plan for the territory of complex development No. 20 with a total area of 22.977 hectares located within the boundaries of the production zone No. 44 Bratsevo. This production and storage area in the Voykovskiy municipal district of the capital city of the capital near the TPU "Baltiyskaya" at the address: ul. Admiral Makarov, ow. 2 belongs to LIRAL on the rights of ownership.

According to the Master Plan and the Rules of Land Use and Development of the City of Moscow, KRT No. 20 is subject to reorganization (complex development) for a multifunctional public and residential development. The project is developed with the active participation of one of the leading institutions in the field of planning and project development of the territories. The project will be developed within 6 months at the expense of LIRAL's own funds and submitted for approval to the Government of Moscow.

This is a pilot project for the application of amendments to the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation, introduced by 01.01.2017, introduced by Federal Law No. 373-FZ of July 3, 2016, which determined the main legal aspects of ensuring the integrated and sustainable development of such territories. Currently, the status of CMT is assigned to 47 Moscow territories within the boundaries of 20 industrial zones.

Today, in the conditions of the dynamic growth and development of Russian cities, the problem of reorganization of the former manufacturing territories is becoming increasingly important. The question of the reorganization of industrial zones is especially acute in Moscow, with abundant territories that have lost their original purpose: the total area of ​​the industrial zones in the capital is about 18,800 hectares, of which 13,000 hectares can be partially or completely reorganized. In conditions of growing demand for residential and commercial capital real estate and gradual reduction of land plots for development, such territories have tremendous potential for development. Their active involvement in the economic turnover of the capital will improve the quality of life of Muscovites: reduce the burden on the city's transport system, improve the ecological situation, and increase the number of jobs.

LIRAL Group, founded in 1993, specializes in the implementation of development projects in the real estate management industry, development, construction, as well as in telecommunications and manufacturing. The LIRAL Group owns large land plots in the prestigious districts of Moscow and the Moscow Region, which are subject to redevelopment in the future and which presuppose the construction of multifunctional residential complexes. Specialists of LIRAL have restored and fully restored the building of the Dorogomilovsk chemical plant of the architect Konstantin Melnikov, built in 1929. The Ministry of Culture of Russia and the Committee on the Cultural Heritage of Moscow highly appreciated the work on the restoration of this architectural monument. Exclusive professionalism of LIRAL employees is the key to the successful implementation of complex projects.