The factory of technical hoses will be built by the company LIRAL group in the Borovsk region of the SEZ "Kaluga"

The Government of the Kaluga region within the framework of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi signed an investment agreement with LLC "MPT-Plastic", part of the industrial and investment group LIRAL, on the construction of a new factory for the production of flexible hoses of technical purpose made of PVC plastic on a plot of 2 hectares in a special economic zone of the industrial-production type "Kaluga" in the Borovsk region.

This year, the company should receive the status of a resident of the Kaluga SEZ and begin construction. The projected volume of investments will be about 120 million rubles. At the enterprise 50 workplaces will be created.

The production is planned to be carried out on modern Italian equipment, which will allow in a number of industries - in hydraulic engineering structures, woodworking and food industries: for pumping mineral waters, juices, dairy products, vegetable oils, alcoholic beverages - replace imported hoses with Russian ones.

The Russian company LLC "Service - Plastic" is part of the industrial and investment group LIRAL and specializes in the production of hoses made of PVC, including non-standard sizes, reinforced with a polymer rod and a synthetic thread.